Mike leaving Persistense

Unfortunately we have to announce guitarist Mike Wildeman will be leaving Persistense later this year. Mike is not able to combine his study with the band activities anymore. We didn't find a decent replacement yet so if you want to participate in auditions send your recordings or youtube video to info@persistense.nl and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thanks !!

New line-up Persistense!

PERSISTENSE is proud to present a new line-up:

Besides founding member Stefan van Vugt the band also added second vocalist Vital Welten (ex-GODEN,ex-SACRAMENTAL SACHEM and ex-FUELBLOODED, THE NOBLEST BLOOD) to their ranks.
Guitarists whre found in Mike Wildeman ( THE NOBLEST BLOOD) and Zdena Pastorek ( ex-LIVE EVIL, ex- MEMORIA, THE NOBLEST BLOOD).
Erik Drost ( HENGST, THE NOBLEST BLOOD) and Patrick Hermans (ex-EMBRACE THE CHAOS, THE NOBLEST BLOOD) will take care of the bass and drums.

Stefan van Vugt played with Persistense more than 150 shows, the icing on the cake was to open for TESTAMENT.
Persistense also played with Detente, Anger As Art and Bitch on their Benelux tours.

Persistense will keep on playing death / thrash metal and we hope to see you guys again when new tourdates will be announced!

Persistense back in Den Bosch and Kratje Bier Festival

We will be finally be giving a show in our hometown of Den Bosch again: Friday, 12th of October at the World Skate Center (www.facebook.com/events/489284094429440/)

The week after that we will be returning to the Kratje Bier Festival in Nijmegen. After our set was cut short last time we are determined to make up for it (www.facebook.com/events/415261095198196/)

2 new shows confirmed

Persistense is returning to the north of the Netherlands and to the Xinix in Nieuwendijk again for a explosive show, be sure to check out the following flyers!

We hope to see you there.



March 31st - BEER Festival!

Oh yeah, that's right! We'll be playing on the Beer Festival in Staddijk, Nijmegen. The ultimate place to spend your next saturday evening. There will be plenty of beer, bands and atmosphere.


Hope to see you there!






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